A seminar for teachers organised by IH Arezzo – Accademia Britannica with Chantelle Walsh from Lingua Point, Reggio Emilia

This session looks at the place mindfulness can play in making the classroom a more positive and productive place to be. Mindful practices in teaching and learning involve looking at student mindsets, body language, stress management and active listening. As mindfulness promotes kindness, acceptance, gratitude and non-judgment, we will be looking at how to respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and experiences.

In the session the participants will be exposed to authentic materials and video to help stimulate discussion and interest. Participants will be asked to reflect through practical activities which will allow them the opportunity to understand which mindfulness themes could be incorporated into their own personal context.

If you are willing to participate ask for the registration form and return it by Wednesday 14th March. Places are limited, and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

For more information please contact Egle or Elisa:
tel 0575 21366 –

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